Posted on May 06, 2020

My When all else fails in a pandemic…do you trust your instinct or hide?

I am yet to meet anyone who is not afraid to die. Death has a way of being final…THE END! Covid19 reminds you that death is possible, closer than usual or just a reminder that we are not invincible. During this Covid19 crisis there appear to be two key directions people are taking. The first, stay home survive as long as possible and once all the food and money is over, go back to the office and routine prior to the pandemic or look for any job to survive. The second…no staying home, live the best life now because it could potentially be the last days. Where do you fall?   I fall in the first category, the best life is what we make of it within the current crisis. Am struggling to stay home, yet finding comfort in knowing am not alone. Don’t get me wrong am not excusing the people meeting past 7:00am to just hang out or the guys who appear to have essential cards yet are chilling at a drinking spot to meet others post curfew. I just find one can only stay home for so long, there is a lack of freedom is this global instruction by just staying home.   Nevertheless, during this pandemic, it’s important we do not get weary. Following your instincts is far better than hiding. Irrespective of which sector you work in. This period is hard, uncertain and frankly terrifying! Within the real estate sector, there have been various online webinars, zoom calls and teams meetings held for sector professionals to share current experiences, thoughts and ideas on how to handle the various stakeholders during this climate. Landlords and tenants are going through the rental waiver or reduction discussions; contractors debating whether to slow down construction works on site or continue; developers talking to their investors and bankers on way forward as cash buyers make low offers and the market not recovering as hoped or envisioned earlier in the year. Adapting! Adapting! Adapting is the name of the current game.  Following your instincts is critical now! Time will tell what lies ahead within our sector, especially as infected cases continue to rise here in the East African region. Stay Safe! Follow Your Instincts In Everything You Do!

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